Why do you export?

The evolution of the economy in recent years has turned the MARKET into something GLOBAL, increasing the competitiveness and the requirement for all operators that are part of it. The WORLD is INTERCONNECTED resulting in ACCESSIBLE MARKETS FAR AWAY in which until now it was very difficult to be present. There is therefore an OPPORTUNITY for many of the Spanish companies that, if they do not take advantage of it,  may become a THREAT as the domestic market is exposed to the entry of new competitors.

In the current economic context exporting is a NECESSITY and not a fashion.


Access to NEW MARKETS has become a way to provide companies with GREATER FLEXIBILITY in their production processes, as well as a GREATER ROBUSTNESS by eliminating limitations specific to the local market in which until then it operated.

The Spanish market represents a very small percentage of the total worldwide,

Why limit ourselves to it?


With the start of the internationalization process, we MULTIPLY in a very significant way the number of LEADS for a product or service.

In this way, they increase the probability of sale having ALMOST UNLIMITED ACCESS to a variety and diversity of CONSUMERS that cannot be comparable in any case to those existing in the domestic market.


New markets and more potential customers are synonymous with risk diversification. With this we will achieve ELIMINATE DEPENDENCIES and INCREASE THE FLEXIBILITY of the company, MINIMIZE the consequences of ADVERSE ECONOMIC SITUATIONS in one of the markets in which we are present or those produced by the loss of a major customer due to lack of agreements or non-payments.


The adaptation in the company to face the process of internationalization is usually associated with an increase in the perceived value of the company, as well as important synergies that translate into the IMPROVEMENT of the financial statements and the PROJECTED IMAGE to shareholders, employees, suppliers, financial institutions and the general public.

A company that exports and is ready to COMPETE INTERNATIONALLY, is at a HIGHER LEVEL than those that have not yet started this stage, that all companies to a greater or lesser extent should consider at some point in their life.