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About us


At GLOBESPAIN we develop effective integral strategies for business development and commercial positioning. Through comprehensive and personalized advice, we help companies to open markets and introduce their products and services anywhere in the world. We are global and have extensive experience as a foreign trade consultant and extensive knowledge of the international market.

What makes us different ?


The diversity of regulations and procedures existing in international environments requires an EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE and CONSTANT UPDATING in all of them in order to be able to provide solutions with criteria and rigor that allow appropriate DECISIONS TO BE TAKEN. All GLOBESPAIN professionals are specialized in each of the assigned areas or sectors.


We believe in COMMUNICATION with our client as a fundamental element on which to build a successful and useful relationship for both parties that can be prolonged in the long term.

Our work is aimed at being one more part of those companies with which we collaborate as if it were another department of the company.


Joining GLOBESPAIN means taking advantage of SYNERGIES derived from the management of companies in the same sector that, with complementary products, allow us to present more complete and attractive offers to the importing client, also sharing the costs of studying and prospecting new markets and obtaining new clients among all the companies that can share a common market segment and clients.

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Globespain offers its clients a multidisciplinary team capable of responding promptly and effectively in all areas of work involved in the business development of any company: Management and Strategy, Marketing, Sales, HR, Management and Administration, Legal, etc.. All this with a fundamental premise: the International Vision.

This allows us to adapt to the specific needs of each client, supporting and reinforcing those areas where our advisory and consulting work is necessary.

Our methodology is based on permanent listening, through the different phases of the internationalization consulting process:

Effective commercial representation

One of Globespain’s fundamental areas of work is to help companies with their brand, product or service in foreign target markets.

Our implementation and commercial representation service is aimed at:

Companies based in other countries (mainly Latin America) that want to develop their business in Spain and need a representation company.

Spanish companies that want to export to other countries or reinforce their presence in them (global international market).

HR: recruitment and/or integration of commercial agents and/or managers. Training and subsequent follow-up.
Organization of trade missions and participation in fairs.
Development of marketing projects, especially in digital channels, to support the commercial force.
Location of suppliers and potential customers.
Support and advice in trading.
Collaboration agreements and links with distributors and/or representative agencies.
Processing of permits and certificates in destination country.